The Alchemist

. anc-alchemy1

a few months back, i got to do a fun shoot for my good friend ashley. she creates some rather
amazing cocktails using teas, herbs, freshly made juices, homemade bitters and tonics, alcohol
infusions, and a well-curated collection of liqueurs. they are just as incredibly balanced as they 
are delicious.

one major bonus of taking cocktail photos is getting to sample them all. i almost surprised myself
that i could still get everything framed up nicely as the shoot progressed. but ashley made it all go
smoothly, even putting up with my constant question of "now, what's in this one?" she was all too
happy to tell me and now she wants to tell you as well. to find out how to make some of these truly
great drinks for yourself, you can follow her simple directions at ANC Alchemy. then be sure to
raise your glass to a true modern day alchemist.