Golden Beets and Hazelnuts



peel, slice, and roast golden beets until nice and tender. let them cool down. toss in some
toasted hazelnuts and several sliced radishes. stir in a vinaigrette of olive oil lemon juice,
apple cider vinegar, fresh thyme, and a small amount of mustard. season with salt and 
pepper and add some chopped scallions. toss it all together a few times and you've got a
salad going.

also, real quick : if you're a fan of learning more about sustainability, self-
sufficiency, gardening, foraging, hunting, and the amazing food that can result from
all of the above then you are in luck.

Rohan Anderson, the multi-talented force behind Whole Larder Love (a site i'm not
ashamed to say i stalk daily) is coming to the U.S. for a series of talks about his food
philosophy. if he's headed to a city near you, do yourself a favor and head on over
(cities and dates here). then buy his book if you haven't already. its full of truly great