Carrot, Dill, and Poppy Fritters

. carrotdillfritter   

shred a whole mess of carrots into a bowl with lots of dill and poppy seeds. season well with salt
and pepper. pour in two eggs beaten with some almond flour. combine well. form patties and fry
individually in oil until they get a bit crispy. serve with some pickled red onion. should take about
ten minutes to do the whole thing start to finish. seriously. thought i'd toss in a quick one this time.



Eva {not your mama's dinner} said...

I absolutely love everything about this post: the photo, the simplicity and grace, the measurements and the idea!

Migle said...

Love this! The combination is just perfect! ;)

Angie said...

This could not have come at a better time because I bought an absurd amount of carrots recently!

Gintare @Gourmantine said...

These look lovely, fresh yet filling! I wonder if they'd work the same way with leftover carrot pulp, perhaps would need another egg?

Jenny Wijaya said...

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JannethManalu said...
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