Andouille, Walnut, and Fennel Salad



today's lunch has a few steps, but still didn't take real long to toss together. i love when
that happens. it all goes something like this: in a large bowl, whip up a small amount 
of vinaigrette. to the vinaigrette, add the following: toasted walnuts, sauteed slices of
fennel and smoked andouille sausage, strips of roasted red pepper, slivers of red onion,
parsley, watercress, and fennel fronds. toss all of the above in the vinaigrette and serve.




Gareen said...

Ooh, I love fennel and have been using it for years! I'm so happy it is being used more and more. Lovely dish.

La Petite Gigi

lechow said...

oh oh oh now this looks so gorgeous.
i love your take on sausages and fennel !

good one !