Game Hen with Sultanas, Cherries, Golden Beets, and Pepitas


this past week was the week for leaves. yellows, oranges, reds, and the last bit of green. 
and it's always a good idea to capture those colors on a plate. some roasted golden beets
gets paired with a halved game hen. the sultanas, dried sour cherries, and pepitas are quickly
cooked in the few drippings from the game hen (and a knob of butter) before adding just
enough wine to stop their frying. the addition of rosemary brings a piney twang as conifers
everywhere gear up for winter.



what i do when i do what i say i do: Spicy Pumpkin & Walnut Milk Soup


tried my hand at a more visual approach to how i cook during this past weekend. i
could use a bit more practice doing these, but sometimes it's best to just dive in head
first, you know?  anyway, here's how a seemingly impossible to split pumpkin, some
homemade walnut milk, a little chicken stock, sage, and spoonful of harissa became a
thick soup for a cool weather treat.



Eggplant and Chili with Sorrel Pepita Dressing


this is one of those "between seasons" meals :  at once both light and substantial. nice and meaty
eggplant fried up and given a little heat from chili peppers before being cooled back down by the 
sorrel and pepita dressing (sorrel, olive oil, cream, and toasted pepitas). soon it will be time for 
squash and cider, but for now i'll enjoy the last few days of summer. the crisp days are approaching!



Hanging High and Dry


drying out chilis from the garden for year round use. this plant is by far the most
productive on my little plot. there is no way i'm going to be able to use them all
while they are still fresh without scorching my tongue beyond repair. can't wait
for some winter chili with featuring these peppers. bring on the cold.



Mackerel in Parchment

. mackerelpotatotomato  

bought two beautiful mackerel (black and white fish to some one) today and decided to cook them
in parchment. such an easy way to cook fish. just make a pouch out of parchment, then toss in
your fish with whatever seasonings you desire. in this case: a quick pesto of almonds, parsley, 
garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, aleppo pepper, and salt. then just sort of fold/roll/crease the edges 
shut and throw the whole thing in the oven until it's done. around here, i like to serve it up with 
some potatoes and tomatoes that have been roasted in a hot oven. 



Summer Breakfast

summerbkfst copy  

nothing new, i know. just my favorite summer breakfast: good iced coffee and chilled ripe melon.
if this cantaloupe lasts through the weekend, it'll be a miracle.



The Alchemist

. anc-alchemy1

a few months back, i got to do a fun shoot for my good friend ashley. she creates some rather
amazing cocktails using teas, herbs, freshly made juices, homemade bitters and tonics, alcohol
infusions, and a well-curated collection of liqueurs. they are just as incredibly balanced as they 
are delicious.

one major bonus of taking cocktail photos is getting to sample them all. i almost surprised myself
that i could still get everything framed up nicely as the shoot progressed. but ashley made it all go
smoothly, even putting up with my constant question of "now, what's in this one?" she was all too
happy to tell me and now she wants to tell you as well. to find out how to make some of these truly
great drinks for yourself, you can follow her simple directions at ANC Alchemy. then be sure to
raise your glass to a true modern day alchemist.



Golden Beets and Hazelnuts



peel, slice, and roast golden beets until nice and tender. let them cool down. toss in some
toasted hazelnuts and several sliced radishes. stir in a vinaigrette of olive oil lemon juice,
apple cider vinegar, fresh thyme, and a small amount of mustard. season with salt and 
pepper and add some chopped scallions. toss it all together a few times and you've got a
salad going.

also, real quick : if you're a fan of learning more about sustainability, self-
sufficiency, gardening, foraging, hunting, and the amazing food that can result from
all of the above then you are in luck.

Rohan Anderson, the multi-talented force behind Whole Larder Love (a site i'm not
ashamed to say i stalk daily) is coming to the U.S. for a series of talks about his food
philosophy. if he's headed to a city near you, do yourself a favor and head on over
(cities and dates here). then buy his book if you haven't already. its full of truly great




Beef Cheeks, Roasted Horseradish, and Apricots

. beefcheeksapricotsradishes   

beef cheeks. ya, hear? what is probably the most used muscle group of the cow might also be the
most flavorful and tender food when properly cooked. and by properly cooked, i mean tossed in an
oven for 5-6 hours (with a little stock) until they start to fall apart. i added a few dried apricots during
the last 30 minutes to brighten the dish up.

and is that thinly sliced ham and strips of shaved cheese on top? nope. some shavings of fresh water-
melon radish as well as some shaved strips of oven roasted horseradish. roasting the horseradish softens
this root's harsh bite and sweetens it up a bit. no tearing up this time.



Carrot, Dill, and Poppy Fritters

. carrotdillfritter   

shred a whole mess of carrots into a bowl with lots of dill and poppy seeds. season well with salt
and pepper. pour in two eggs beaten with some almond flour. combine well. form patties and fry
individually in oil until they get a bit crispy. serve with some pickled red onion. should take about
ten minutes to do the whole thing start to finish. seriously. thought i'd toss in a quick one this time.



Andouille, Walnut, and Fennel Salad



today's lunch has a few steps, but still didn't take real long to toss together. i love when
that happens. it all goes something like this: in a large bowl, whip up a small amount 
of vinaigrette. to the vinaigrette, add the following: toasted walnuts, sauteed slices of
fennel and smoked andouille sausage, strips of roasted red pepper, slivers of red onion,
parsley, watercress, and fennel fronds. toss all of the above in the vinaigrette and serve.




Roast Cauliflower with Cumin and Mustard



roasting cauliflower brings out depths of flavor that would otherwise be lost
on this vegetable. and when you toss it in some cumin seed infused olive oil
and a bit of mustard before blasting it in the oven: well, that's just the bee's knees.

happy new year, everyone.