Winter Tomato Soup

winter tomato  

when the daylight hours are becoming more and more scarce, its nice to have a small arsenal of
go-to meals that only take a few minutes to prepare. this one relies on a quart of whole tomatoes 
i canned during the summer, an onion, and some spices. not much else. from ingredients to bowl
in about ten minutes.

heat some olive oil on the stove. add some fresh ground allspice berries, coriander, and a clove or two.
infuse the oil with the spices and then add a finely diced onion and a garlic clove. cook until the onions
become golden and translucent and the spice aromatics really open up. move to a food processor and
blitz until smooth. return to the pan. drain the tomatoes and give them a run through the food processor.
when they are pretty smooth, add to the onion mixture. heat through and then add a very small splash of
something creamy (yogurt, coconut milk, cream, etc.). i used some goat's kefir here. season with salt and
lots of black pepper. a squirt of sriracha never hurt either.