Black Cod, Black Radish, and Turmeric


even if you're not down with the peppery kick of any respectable radish, you'd still love them
once you've had them roasted. definitely more mellow but still maintaining a fair amount of their
snappy 'crunch'. and a nice dash of turmeric not only gives a nice earthiness, but also stains the
white flesh to a pleasing yellow. kind of a bumblebee-like effect. anyway......

rinse and cut up a few black radishes, shallots, and some garlic. toss with olive oil, turmeric, salt,
and pepper. roast in a hot oven until done. meanwhile, in a pan, melt a little bacon fat over medium
heat. cook a piece of black cod fillet until just done. season with salt and pepper and set aside. next,
squeeze the juice of one lemon into the bacon drippings. cook for a half minute or so and take off of
the heat. when radishes are done, top with the cod, the lemon/bacon mixture, and a little oregano.