Spiced Rabbit with Peppers, Thyme, and Ginger

. rabbit  

i picked up a rabbit at the farmer's market on saturday after realizing i hadn't had rabbit
in a few years. its a treat i really enjoy, albeit rarely. and since fall is well underway in
these parts (thankfully), a lovely warming braise seemed like a good idea. rubbing some
garlic, ginger, allspice, and thyme into the meat would bring great flavor. and cooking it
alongside a little dry cured sausage, roast red pepper, onion, chicken stock, and cider
wouldn't hurt either. in the oven for about 2 hours, and then out comes some really tender
rabbit. carefully remove the rabbit and then mash up some of those super soft onion and
peppers. keep cooking all of those vegetables and broth down until nice and thick. then
pour it over the rabbit and serve with some braised red cabbage. 



Anonymous said...

That. Looks. Horrifying. All that is missing is the head :(

Anonymous said...

I hate to say it... But that first photo just ... doesn't look appetizing, exactly. I'm sure it was wonderful, but that photo looks like something out of a twisted horror movie!

Melissa said...

Looks delicious! The raw rabbit looks very fresh. Unfortunately, some people are clueless as to what their meat looks like before they buy it pre-package in the store. Its kind of sad. Hubby just brought home a rabbit that he hunted can't wait to have it tomorrow. I really love the addition of the red pepper. I always make my usual braised rabbit stew but need to persuade myself to try something different.

Anonymous said...

Actually I (I, who left the comment at 9:53) butcher pigs several times a week so I know perfectly well what my meat looks like before I "buy it in the package" (which never do). I said it looks unappetizing in that photo, where it's just a dead rabbit without skin. I'm not offended by it, it doesn't surprise me, it just looks unappetizing to me, so I said so. If seeing a raw rabbit carcass makes you want to tear right into it, go right ahead- but you don't need to passive aggressively write off other people's comments as ignorance.

Melissa said...

Hey there, sorry, I didn't mean to offend you, I was mostly speaking about the first comment because I got the impression that they hadn't seen food in full form like that, but it was my mistake I suppose! I was saying that the stew looked delicious and the raw rabbit looked very fresh, I don't really find that photo to be horrifying, or anything. Sorry for the seemingly arrogant comment, I am just so tired about people not knowing where their food comes from and it makes me upset that they don't recognize the beauty of the whole animal. So I am very happy and enlightened that you butcher your own pigs!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for responding Melissa, I appreciate it! And I didn't mean to come off as a mega-b; I had a shitty experience with a woman in our shop today who tried to tell me that there's nothing at all wrong with pumping cows full of antibiotics and I think it must have gotten under my skin more than I thought. Needless to say I'm often frustrated with those very same ignorant people!! Thanks for engaging in conversation, it's so refreshing when it works out this way. :)

Jesi Passepartout said...

That rabbit does look pretty creepy, but what raw carcass doesn't? lol The thought of it cooked is really exciting though! I am absolutely thrilled that I found your blog! Keep it up!

Melissa said...

Hey Anonymous :) No prob, I think I came across as a mega-b lol! Ughhh I totally hear you about the woman you had to deal with, thats so sad! I had someone tell me recently that its "impossible" to grow organic tomatoes and apples... really? I grow organic tomatoes in my small garden! I agree, thanks for having a conversation with me as well! We sound like we are pretty similar in ideals in the end :)

Unknown said...

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