Autumn Chuck Roast and Blue Hubbard Squash

cooler weather means the oven is now in fair play. first time since about may. perfect
for fall roasts. like this chuck roast. seasoned liberally with salt, pepper, and unsweetened
dark cocoa powder. then wrapped in foil and tossed into a slow oven for hours. how many?
the longer the better. hell, overnight if possible. after its done, let it cool on the counter top a
bit and jack up the oven to 400F. toss some slices of blue hubbard squash in olive oil and a
little salt. roast until nice and tender. set aside. pull off a little meat and toss it in some heated
tomato sauce. add to the squash with a little green pepper on top. and go eat it outside just as
its starting to get chilly.