Bronze Leaf Potato Salad


i've got more bronze leaf fennel than i know what to do with. and that's not a complaint. 

i love this stuff. just brushing past this herb when i'm at the garden releases an intensely sweet
anise scent. i harvested a massive bunch this morning for a great potato salad. its basically just
a fennel dressing / pesto of sorts with some spuds. and it can be tossed together before your
water even comes to a boil. here's how:

boil your potatoes in lightly salted water until tender. while that's going, toss the following into
 a food processor: a ton of fennel fronds, parsley, garlic, pumpkin seeds, olive oil, apple cider
vinegar, pickle juice, salt, and pepper. toss the cooked (but still hot) potatoes into this dressing /
pesto. mix it up well and add in some thinly sliced onion and a few capers. a few pinches of some crushed red pepper wouldn't hurt. maybe a little more pickle juice if needed. chill and serve.





. juliachild100 

happy 100th birthday, julia child.