Hon Tsai Tai with Caramelized Onions, Coriander, and Lemon Mayonnaise


when i was planning my vegetable garden, i searched for seeds unknown to me. it was then
that i stumbled upon hon tsai tai. it's a stalk, a leaf, and a flower: and it's all edible. oh, and it
is really tasty. similar to broccoli. maybe i harvested a tad late because the stalks were a little
bit woody and some garden bugs sampled a bit of the leaves, but i don't care. i grew it and i
ate it and i loved it.

sauteed in olive oil and tossed with some caramelized onions, toasted coriander, and just a few
dollops of some left over lemony mayonnaise from the other day. salt and pepper. yum.


Update : Gooseberry Eau de Vie


decided today to check in on a project from last summer. not quite a year in (11 months), and
the gooseberries have pretty much given up everything they have to the eau de vie. its hard to
tell from this photo, but the once scarlet berries are now looking like small pale shallots. all of
the lovely red you see is the brandy itself. honestly, this photo doesn't do the red justice.

now the biggest dilemma will be : how to enjoy this properly?



Summer Slaw

summerslaw copy

quite possibly the perfect coleslaw for the summer: cool, crisp, and perfect with barbeque.

into a large bowl, shred: a few carrots, a golden beet, a large fennel bulb, and a head of red
cabbage. pour over a vinaigrette of olive oil, mustard, and apple cider vinegar. (a few table
spoons of mayonnaise if you must.) mix to combine. add some green onion and season with
salt and pepper. this will keep for days, but mine never lasts that long.