Spring Chicken


chickenfenneltomato2 copy  

prep the bird for roasting (pat dry, salt, remove fat deposits, truss) and place it in
a hot oven. render down those fat deposits and pour over some sliced fennel, onions,
garlic, and cherry tomatoes. roast in a separate pan until almost done and then remove
from the oven. add salt and pepper to taste. when the chicken is just about done, move
the vegetables to the same roasting pan as the bird. this allows the bird's skin to get as
crisp as possible before adding liquid heavy ingredients like tomatoes. adding them at
the last minute allows the flavors to mix before serving. check seasoning and top with
some fennel fronds. allow the chicken to rest for 15 minutes before carving.

chickenfenneltomato copy  


Amrita said...

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! I could keep repeating that if you want but it's still not going to express how great that chicken looks. Crinkled skin, dotted with herbs and brown. Sigh.

lechow said...

awesome! who doesn't love a perfect, gorgeous roast chicken?
Nice !