Rye Cavatelli and Leek Bolognese


mix your pasta dough using rye flour, ricotta, and an egg. wrap in cling film and let it rest at least an
hour. in the meantime, get the sauce going. sweat some finely diced carrots, celery, garlic, and one
shallot in some butter. add a whole mess of thinly sliced leeks (thoroughly cleaned, of course). cook
for a few minutes and then add a splash of white wine. when the wine has reduced, grab one whole
nutmeg and grate a healthy amount on top. stir in a little pre-made roux and a good amount of milk.
whisk to combine. reduce heat to low and make your pasta. when ready, boil until just done and then
toss with the sauce. season with salt and pepper and grate some pecorino cheese on top.

leekbolognese copy



Russell at Chasing Delicious said...

Lovely shots. That cavatelli looks scrumptious!

Dederka @ plants on the plate said...

there's never enough ideas for leeks! thanks, will try :)