Milk Braised Pork with Smoked Garlic, Porcini, and Feta


post-searing / pre-braising

my last winter braising. getting too warm for this sort now. until autumn then....

boneless pork loin roast. seared until just brown in a dutch oven or similar cast iron beauty. add a healthy bit 
of milk and some dried porcini mushrooms. salt and pepper too. bring to a boil and then reduce to a simmer. place the lid on ever so slightly askew. go do something for 45 minutes or so. take a break from that something and flip the pork over. lid askew. back to whatever you were doing for another 45. remove the pork to rest for a few minutes. pick out the garlic heads and the bay leaves. put whats still left in the dutch oven into a food processor.
blend the hell out of it. pass it through a real fine chinois. some of the sauce is for the roast and some gets tossed with some red cabbage. nom nom nom.




lechow said...

oh dear, I am not sure I'll sleep tonight.
Gorgeous as always.
Nom it is.


Nettmahoney said...

This is really beautiful; I look forward to making one this fall.
Where does the feta come in? And approximately how many heads of garlic would you suggest?