Staying Warm


breakfast : chorizo 'toad in the hole', grapefruit, tea


lunch : red lentil and tomato soup with dill, spinach, and feta. sourdough and apple. homemade hard cider.


dinner : braised lamb shank, spinach, shallots, and chickpeas

its a rare occasion that i have the luxury to spend time purposefully cooking all of
the days meals. after some much needed rest, i spent most of this chilly day in the
kitchen cooking breakfast, lunch, and dinner. as the soup was simmering away and 
the shanks were slowly braising, i avoided the snow, ice, and sleet outside by quietly
reading under the world's warmest blanket. only a wood stove would have made this
day any better.



lechow said...

absolutely beautiful, one and all. what a warm and delicious day it must have been.
really, really nice.