Broccoli and Pistachio Soup

broccolipistachiosoup1 copy

easy. peasy. feel free to add some lemon squeezy.

bring a saucepan to a medium heat with a bit of olive oil. add some
broccoli florets and cook until nice and bright green, but not cooked
through. add some chopped garlic and small fistful of pistachios. pour
over top with some simmering chicken stock and cook for a few more
minutes (just until the broccoli is tender). purée the hell out of it and
pass it through a fine chinois. taste for salt and pepper and add a small
splash of rice wine vinegar. garnish with one floret of broccoli, a few 
pistachios, a touch of ricotta or mascarpone, and a drop or two of olive oil.

broccolipistachiosoup2 copy



Sook said...

I love soup. I've been making a lot of soup lately and this looks so good! Love the color.

lechow said...

you've outdone yourself.
gorgeous gorgeous.

Russell at Chasing Delicious said...

Gorgeous shots. This soup looks soo good. Scrumptious recipes.

Grishma (ZaikaZabardast) said...

Loved the soup!! Made it for my lunch today and I think I found the best broccoli soup recipe and it's a keeper! Just one question..your soup looks so creamy, mine was not! What's the secret?

Jess said...

woahhh that looks incredible! most definately going to be trying it out


Kathleen said...

thanky wanky for that easy peasy soupa doupa!

P K said...


you just have to blend / food process the hell out of it. i mean, really give it a good spin. then pass it through a fine chinois. a bit of extra work, but the results are silky smooth.

Grishma @ ZaikaZabardast said...

I made it again with few changes to the recipe. Added Avocado for more creaminess. And oh boy! Love it. Thank you for the recipe.

Sophia Del Gigante said...

This is just amazing on so many levels! The creativity of the mixture of flavors and the execution! Just exquisite photography too!

Jodi Nina R. said...

Looks really beautiful.

Ferronha said...

Hello! I made it and I love it. Tanks a lot.

From Portugal :)

Julie said...

Oh my damn this was delish! Stumbled upon your blog via a Paleo pin on Pinterest. Love the photos and your up-for-creative-interpretation directions. From a fellow Marylander, thanks and will be back. Wish you posted more! :)

Nate Jones said...

I just made it and it was DELISH ... I do have a few questions though ... I used a vitamix, so I had no problem pureeing the hell out of it ... how much chicken broth did you use? from the recipe, it says pour over the top ... i'm not sure i used enough, the consistency was like baby food, so i couldn't run it through a chinois ... should i add a lot of broth? thanks for any feedback ... and yes, the photography is even exquisite!

Heri Kaji said...

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Renee said...

I loved this. I added celery and had walnuts instead of pistachios, it was fantastic!