Wild Mushroom Cavatelli

mushroom cavatelli copy

step one: have awesome friends share their foraged mushrooms from
a recent trip to maine (thanks again, yutaka and amy!) other steps: 

simmer the wild mushrooms (black trumpets, lobster, etc.) in beef broth
with a little onion and a pat of butter. simmer until liquid is nearly gone.
mix eggs and flour to make pasta dough and knead for what will feel like
eternity. let the dough rest for at least 1/2 an hour. roll out into desired pasta
shape (I opted for cavatelli in this case). cook in salted water until done and
then move to the pan with the mushrooms. toss and cook together for about
a minute. season to taste with salt and pepper. toss in parsley and plate up.
top with a little grated parmesan.



Anonymous said...

I like to think I've been fairly adventurous with my pasta-making, but cavatelli? I salute you. Do you have a particular method you used for making these, because they are phenomenal!



Anonymous said...

ummmmmmm, looks absolutley divine. that pasta. cavatelli. one of my faves. esp when homemade.

kelli said...

Can we please talk about how to shape cavatelli? Also, can I come over for dinner? Please and Thank you!