Roasted Radishes, Brussels Sprouts, and Gorgonzola Spaetzle


spaetzle copy

mix spaetzle batter in an 8:6:1 ratio (by weight) of flour:eggs:milk.
grate in some gorgonzola cheese to taste. cover and let sit for about
an hour. meanwhile, roast some halved radishes until done with
salt and pepper. set aside. shred a few brussels sprouts and finely
slice some red onion and add to the radishes. in a pan, gently toast
some whole cumin seeds until fragrant and toss with the vegetables.
cook spaetzle in salted water until just done and then lightly fry in
a pan with some butter. toss with vegetables and season with salt
and pepper. garnish with any remaining cumin seed and serve warm.

spaetzle2 copy





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Tarte Tatin : 2 : Shallot & Bacon

 shallotbacon3 copy

fry up bacon until crisp and remove from 
pan. remove all but a few tablespoons of
bacon grease. peel and trim shallots. slice in
half and roast in the bacon grease with salt and
pepper until mostly cooked through. add bacon
and thyme and cover with puff pastry dough,
making a few small vents in the center. bake
until dough is nicely browned. let it rest for a
few minutes before turning out onto parchment.

shallotbacon copy