Smoked Bluefish Rillettes


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make creme fraiche by mixing a splash of buttermilk with 
light cream. cover with plastic wrap and let sit at room 
temperature overnight. in the morning, move creme fraiche
to the refrigerator until ready to make the rillettes. when 
the time comes, cream one stick of butter in a stand mixer.
when the butter is nice and soft, add a bit of creme fraiche
and a pinch of salt while still beating. when combined, add
one and a half pounds of smoked bluefish, ground white
pepper, and a splash of scotch. beat on medium high until
the fish is finely shredded into the butter mixture.

spoon into glass jars, leaving 3/8 inch of space at the top.
using a spoon, level out the top of the mixture. chill for at 
least one hour in the refrigerator (two would be better). take
a few sprigs of thyme and place in a pan with half of a stick
of butter. gently melt the butter, infusing it with the thyme.
strain out melted butter and spoon over the bluefish mixture
and chill for at least half and hour. allow to come to room 
temperature before spreading on toasted bread and realizing
that you should have made more.



lt said...

this look soo good. i absolutely love smokedfish on bread, bagels, or whatever i can get! thanks so much for this recipe- now i can make it at home.
p.s. love the addition of scotch as well!

Evan said...

Oooooh baby.

Cierra said...

Hey Phil,

We stumbled across your blog and liked this Smoked Bluefish Rillettes recipe of yours, so much, in fact, that we mentioned it on our latest blog post. We wanted to make sure you saw it too.


Thanks for sharing!!