Leek, Fennel, Pear Salad with Peas and Mint


leek fennel pear copy

couldn't be simpler. wash and trim leeks. slice the
white part into thin matchsticks. do the same with the
fennel and pears. toss in a large bowl with some arugula,
lemon zest, peas, and freshly chopped mint. drizzle very
lightly with lemon juice and olive oil. season with salt.
 toss. serve.

*blatantly stolen from sometimes



Mardi said...

This sounds delicious! So light and refreshing.

David from SaladPride said...

love it!

Anonymous said...

this sounds great! I have been looking to use up my abundant supply of fennel. I will have to try this!

Kimberley said...

Perfect spring salad.

Perkins Thomas said...

I wish for the great of success in all of our destiny endeavors