Carrot Greens, Roasted Shallots, Eggs, and Capers

egg carrot green capers copy

heat some olive oil in an oven proof pan and sear one shallot, cut
lengthwise, until golden. reduce heat and flip shallot over and gently
cook through. reserve shallot. add rinsed and picked carrot greens 
and flat leaf parsley leaves to the pan. turn greens frequently until
just cooked through. add a little more olive oil if necessary and
return the shallots to the pan. crack a few eggs over the greens and
drizzle a small amount of heavy cream over top. season with salt and
pepper and add a tsp of capers. move pan to a hot oven and bake 
until the egg yolks barely begin to set. eat right from the pan for breakfast.



Crisped Candied Lemon Peel

lemon peel

peel several lemons with a vegetable peeler. scrape
off any pith with a knife. add to simmering water for
two minutes. remove peels and dump water down the
drain. add water and sugar (1:1) to small pan. bring to
a boil and add peel. when liquid turns to a thick syrup, 
remove peels and place evenly on a sil-pat lined half
sheet pan. add to a 375F oven and bake for 7 minutes.


Preserved Kumquats

preserved kumquats

one clean jar + 20 or so halved kumquats + heaps of kosher salt + a months time = so very worth it.