Lunchtime Blues

I may have mentioned this here before, but I tend to largely ignore lunch foods. Not that I don't eat lunch; I do everyday. Its just that I never really consider it a meal that is really worth worrying about. I am much more interested in cooking for dinner (surprised?) and even brunch than I am for my midday meal. I'd rather just grab some left overs and maybe a yogurt and call it over. But recently I have been trying to get back to being more satisfied with my lunches. The yogurt remains, but I've decided to start from scratch on everything else. Ideally a great lunch is compromised of any combination of soup, salad, or sandwich. Today I'm focusing on the sandwich part. In fact I've got two sandwiches to offer.

And as I am trying to learn more about bread baking, I've gone to great lengths to research what bread would suit me the best. I think I might actually have found it. It takes about three days to make, although it is not really that complicated. Normally I'd share this find, but right now I'm going to be a little selfish and keep it all for myself. I'm still tweaking it a bit and want it to be perfect before I toss it up on here.

Anyway, the two sandwiches really don't require recipes. It is just rather important to use ingredients that will hold up to the quality of the bread. For one sandwich I've gone with some excellent tuna which I lightly dressed in homemade tarragon garlic aioli. And the other sandwich cradles some roasted red peppers and horseradish cheddar. Both are topped with sweet pea vines before being devoured.

poolish proof

two sandwiches

two sandwiches2


Levinson Axelrod said...

Great post. The photos are wonderful and the sandwiches look fresh and tasty.

Roxan said...

This bread looks really good too. I've been looking for a recipe for a really dense hearty bread that is good for paninis. Do you know of any?