Turning Two

egg cup

Happy 2nd Birthday, 6CD. You're growing up too fast. So fast in fact, that I didn't even have time to make something special. But I guess you're not supposed to cook your own birthday meal, are you? Regardless, here is something special from a few days ago (from Sometimes).

6 yukon gold potatoes
6 egg yolks
1 tbsp butter
1 quart of veggie stock
1/4 cup cilantro pesto

Take a ring mold and punch out a cylinder from each potato. Next take a slightly smaller ring mold and cut down into the center of the ring mold about half an inch or so. Remove the ring mold and carefully scoop out the now cut potato to form a cavity. Hold in a salted water bath as you bring the stock up to a boil. Steam the potato over the stock until just tender. Place a small knob of butter in each cavity and follow with a single egg yolk. Cover with foil and bake until gently warmed through, but make sure the yolk is still nice an runny. Top with a light coating of cilantro pesto. Serve with a finely chopped fennel salad.


Red Prairie Press said...

these were my favorite course sunday! (okay, everything was. but i loved these).

Angie said...

I'm still talking about these!

Kate said...

Man! So sorry I missed out on those...they look amazing!

Macy Dawn said...

I wish I had the patience to make these! They look and sound delicious!