Been A While....

Although it may seem that I have dropped off the face of the earth, I assure you I have not. Since wrapping up a year of weekly posts, I decided to give myself a little break from this blog. (Honestly, one post a week was hard enough. I don't know how so many people get around to updating several times a week, every week.) But while things may appear quiet around Six Course Dinner, there are several projects in the works. All of them tasty. Here's a rather uninformative sneak peek:

Got any ideas? Need another cryptic hint? Okay, here:

If you haven't figured it out (not that I' making it easy for you), you'll just have to wait and see. Waiting really is the hardest part.


Kate said...


kvh said...

Someone's pressing something - -

I'm thinking - - some kind of salt cure perhaps... ?

Anonymous said...

In my country it would be this:

Anonymous said...

Hi, I've just browsed through your site for the first time. I'm sure that your style is quite natural to you, but many of your dishes are imaginative and intriguing to me. I'd advise you not to apologize for the infrequency of your posting: this is the sort of blog I'd gladly stop by every six months or so in order to find out, with delight, what you've been up to. Cheers