Truffles '09

truffles 09

This years truffles are finally completed. I make them every year as gifts for the people I work with. While they are easy to make, they do take some time. In addition to that, rolling a few dozen lumps of ganache into spheres with my "hot hands" guarantees some chocolatey mess as well. But that's just me. Anyway, here are this years flavors:

Smoked Fleur de Sel
Sesame Seed
Hazelnut Rosemary
Cocoa and Cayenne
Pistachio Fennel

As much fun as they are to make, I still prefer making them only once a year. It just makes things more special. so, how about you? Any special holiday gifts being made in your kitchen this year? I want to hear about 'em!


Anonymous said...

um... these look ridiculously delicious.


kvh said...

Joyce-- I've had them, and I can tell you they are!

Anonymous said...

Phil......looks good, you can share with family you know!!!!!!! love ya, kate

Unknown said...

Those look wonderful! Care to share the recipe? I make home made chocolates-complete with chocolate box- for valentines, but haven't found the perfect recipe yet, so I'm looking for something else to try this year.
Keep cooking, it all looks delicious =)

P H I L said...


there is a link in the text of this post that will point you in the right direction for a recipe. it is a simple recipe that you should have no trouble following. thanks for reading!