Resolution: Resolved!

This may be the first year I have ever kept a New Year's resolution. Although, since I rarely even make one, I can't say that there has been much competition. Regardless of years past, I'm really glad I kept this one. I had resolved to work on this blog more: at least one post per calendar week. While I was hoping to get a few more in, I'm still rather satisfied with 59 posts. There have been weeks where I easily threw up two posts without even flinching. And there have been weeks where even doing one post felt like a chore. But I'm okay with that. This year saw a fair amount of change at 6CD. Between moving and adjusting to a new kitchen, a lengthy jury duty stay, the loss of my grandparents, and helping to start and run a DIY dining space, I am definitely in a different space than I was this time last year. But I am ready for more and eager to see what 2010 will provide!

I'd also like to take this space to briefly thank the people who voted for me for a Homie Cooking Award (sponsored by The Kitchn)! I'd tell you all to go and vote for me, but even I realized this too late. The first round of voting is in and I didn't make the final cut, but it was just really nice to see that people (even though they were only two people) gave me a vote. So thanks again! It means a TON to know I'm not just talking to myself out here. Trust me.

Anyway, I'm just relaxing here; prepping some food for a potluck New Years party this evening. (I'm making a Kale and Gorgonzola Gratin with a Panko crust.) So, as I sign off for the last time this year, I wish you all a happy and healthy New Year! Happy New Year, everyone!

kale and gorgonzola gratin


Angie said...

You are not talking to yourself! We're listening...I promise! Congratulations on a year of excellent postings.