Caramelly Fail.

pumpkin caramel failure 1

pumpkin caramel failure 2

Normally, I don't bother too much with looking up recipes unless either baking or confectionery is involved. Well, this time I should have done a bit more research. In trying to making some special Halloween treats, I really botched it up. The above was supposed to end up as curried pumpkin caramels all nicely tied up in little wax paper wrappers for a Halloween party. I should have added the pumpkin much later so that it didn't start to burn before reaching the required firm-ball stage (around 248F). Sorry, everyone: looks like there will be yet another bag of chips tonight.

However, I do take a lot of pride in knowing that I don't have too many of these kinds of failures. It is not too often that I find myself ruining food very far beyond being remotely salvageable. I guess I can be happy with that. Plus, the cider is looking really good and will probably be bottled next week.

But you've got to laugh a little when these things happen (until you realize how much "fun" you'll be having cleaning up burnt sugar). So, do you have any "culinary failures" you'd like to share?


Kate said...

S'mores cupcakes. I tried three different recipes and still couldn't make them work. I couldn't even look at a cupcake until I made them for Halloween last week.