One Day, These Asian Pears Will Sing


.............................................................................................See this asian pear tree?

It has just found a new home right in that spot. I know because I put it there. I dug the hole to the correct depth. I cleared out all of the old and gnarly roots that were there from some long gone tree or vine. I made sure the tree was level. I checked to see that the bud union faced north. I filled in the hole with rich soil. I built a berm around the tree.

I did it because I wanted to help.

This tree is now apart of the latest addition to Great Kids Farm, a farm owned by Baltimore City Public Schools that helps teach students about the sources of healthy foods as well as supplying the school system with nutritious foods instead of frozen/canned/processed foods. About 25 or so volunteers spent a few hours at this gem of a farm to help plant a 'mini orchard' of apples, plums, persimmons, peaches, and even asian pears.




The hope is that students will come and learn more about where their food comes from as well as directly take part in growing the very food that will end up on their cafeteria tray. It is an amazing thing being done by Baltimore City Public Schools, and more directly, Tony Geraci, the man who started it all (and recent winner of Baltimore City Paper's "Best Public Servant" award). I heard Mr. Geraci talk a few weeks ago about the program and I am very glad to be able to help out.

If you live in the Greater Baltimore area, I urge you to look into supporting this program in anyway way you can. I don't get too political on Six Course Dinner, but this is a cause that is too important to pass by. Helping our city's students get the proper nutrition they need to help stay focused in class has enormous payoffs for everyone. Besides, don't you want to get out to a beautiful farm for an afternoon: