Chickpeas with Rosemary and Preserved Blood Orange

chickpeas with rosemary and preserved blood orange

Finally. Sorry for the delay with this. I have excuses, but I honestly don't even think they matter a whole lot. But, I finally got around to using my preserved blood oranges. As I mentioned before, I was interested in trying these out as a response to the lack of a thorough taste description of preserved lemons. Well, I still haven't had preserved lemons, but if they are anything like my little blood oranges here, you can just go ahead and sign me up as a preserved lemon lover as well.

So what do preserved blood oranges taste like? Well, to find out I simply cooked them with some chickpeas and rosemary. I didn't want anything too complex to cover up the flavor of the oranges so this time I restricted myself to two ingredients (plus some olive oil, salt, and pepper). I used the rind of one quarter of a preserved blood orange. You don't eat the flesh, it is simply too salty. The rind has a slightly squishy texture and the pith is translucent, like it has been candied. The first thing you notice about them is they are very, very salty. But that saltiness is immediately followed by an intense citrus flavor. Definitely orangey, but I really can only describe it as uniquely citrus. And in combination with the rosemary, the preserved blood orange still shined through, although the 'piney-ness' of the rosemary supported it very well.

This is definitely one to keep in the rotation. I'm sure you'll see more preserved blood orange on 6CD in the weeks and months to come. Until then, why not make your own?


kvh said...

any chance there will be some left in a week?

P H I L said...


Louise B. said...

I have been doing those preserved citruses many years and used them all the time.
I always have a good supply of both lemons and blood oranges in the fridge.
Blood oranges go very well on BBQ fish. Tle pulp can be rinsed 2-3 times and used like the rind.