Asparagus, Lemon, and Egg Soup

asparagus lemon and egg soup

Everyone remembers from grade school that the three states of matter are solid, liquid, and gas. What they didn't tell you as you were sitting behind your tiny desk is that they could easily have been talking about soup. In one soup bowl, you have neatly contained all three states of matter. You've got your solids (meat, vegetables, noodles, etc.) and liquids (broth, stock, cream, etc.) and even gas (the perfumed steam rising from the bowl.) Not only that, but soup (and rest) are pretty much the only medicine I take when I am feeling sick. But soup is not just another sick day cliche, it is great whenever you are great. And this soup in particular
(which was designed by myself and two other great cooks) was consumed during something great. (Check here for more details.)

This soup is a subtle one. The asparagus and lemon flavor is there, even though you are staring at a relatively clear broth. But the real treat is the raw egg yolk. By pouring the soup over the yolk, you are not only slightly cooking it, but you are creating a culinary bomb. When you go to eat the soup, you pop the yolk. This releases the still runny yolk into the broth, changing the seemingly thin bodied liquid into a rich and lip-smacking soup.

2 bunches asparagus, grilled
1 liter vegetable stock
2 lemons
4 raw egg yolks
parsley, chopped
salt and pepper

Bring stock to a boil in a large stock pot. While the liquid is warming up, grill asparagus until done and slightly charred. Remove hard part of the asparagus stem and place in a blender (reserve a few) with a ladleful of stock and some parsley. Puree until smooth. Add to stock and simmer for a few minutes. Zest and juice the two lemons. Add zest and juice to the stock. Stir well to mix thoroughly. Taste and season with salt and pepper. Lastly, add an egg yolk to each bowl. Gently ladle the soup (which is warm but not too hot: allow the soup to stand for a few minutes if too hot) over the egg yolk and garnish with some parsley and the tips of the reserved asparagus.


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