Drunken Spaghetti

drunken pasta

I think one of the best things about food blogging is the ability to show the world your creative meals. The ones you spent a long time thinking about trying to combine flavors in unique ways or adding new and interesting processes to your cooking. That is one of the goals here at 6CD. I primarily want to show more original foods. But I realize that nothing lives in a vacuum and that even ideas that I feel may be original have probably been thought of before by someone else. These things are bound to happen.

But today I wander from my own path. Today I knowingly post a dish that is not a 6CD original. Trust me, this won't be habit forming. But this looked so wonderful, so simple, and so smart that I had to try it. And you should too. Check out the 'original' at  SeriousEats.

1 bottle drinkable dry red wine
1 pint water
10 oz. spaghetti
2 cloves of garlic, lightly crushed
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp finely chopped herb of choice (marjoram used here)
Parmesan cheese
salt and pepper to taste

In a large saucepan, bring wine and water to a boil. Season with salt and add garlic. Add pasta and cook until al dente. Meanwhile, in a large bowl add butter, herbs, and cheese.  When the pasta is done, ladle noodles into bowl. Be sure that a little wine gets into the bowl as well. Stir well to distribute herbs and butter evenly throughout. Season to taste and serve with some warm crusty bread.


Kate said...

So...was it good? Someone did this on Iron Chef America and I remember them saying it didn't make that much of a flavor difference. But also, if memory serves, the person doing the cooking was Rachael Ray.

P H I L said...

_achel _ay's lack of tastebuds are reason enough to end her television career. i feel like it made a great difference. each bite has a great wine flavor. hell, the noodles are basically a sponge! you should try it for yourself.

also, its good to know your still alive. haven't hung out in ages!

Kate said...

I know man. I'm coming out of hibernation.