Quick Omelette with Sardines

omelette with sardines

Today I decided that I have been ignoring a small section of my local grocer's shelves. Many times I have walked by the tinned foods without giving any thought to actually eating them. Of course the occasional can of tuna makes it's way into my basket, but that is about as deep as my curiosity usually takes me. This morning, however, that changed. I had seen the tins of sardines and often wondered if I might actually like the mysterious contents inside. Would they be too fishy? Would they smell terrible? Could I eat a whole tin?

About twenty minutes ago, I had the answers: No. No. Yes!

The sardines turned out to be a great addition to my table and a product I will surely use again. As not to mask their delicate flavor, I paired these silvery little guys with a simple omelette. This actually made for a great and quick breakfast, a rare event documented on this site. Enjoy.

quick omelette with sardines

1 tin of Norwegian sardines, in olive oil
2 eggs, beaten
1 shallot, minced
2 slices of prosciutto, chopped
3 tbsp fresh parsley, chopped
1 tbsp olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

In an omelette pan, heat olive oil over medium heat and gently saute shallot until translucent. Add chopped prosciutto and cook for another minute or two. In a seperate bowl, whisk eggs and parsley together until well combined. Add a pinch of salt and some black pepper. Pour egg mixture over shallots. Quickly stir to lightly scramble the eggs. Cook until eggs are still just a little runny and remove from pan.

Plate four sardines and grind a little black pepper over them. Top with a tablespoon or two of the eggs. Serve with a little parsley garnished on top.


Anonymous said...

That's my kind of omlette -

Unknown said...

Tinned fish is awesome! Not kidding - you should venture beyond the sardines and go for the mackeral. So good. Smoked oysters are pretty incredible also.

Sorry, I get a little overly pumped about tinned fish...