Pistachio and Fennel Pollen Ice Cream

pistachio and fennel pollen ice cream

This is an ice cream I made long before I started keeping track of my recipes on this site. I confess to not making the ice cream itself (one day.....) but only adding the flavoring to some already very good quality vanilla ice cream. But this is still a special flavor for a special ice cream because it uses an ingredient from my very first post. I did this because today this little blog turns 1.

Happy birthday, Six Course Dinner! You've come a long way and I hope I can keep you important to other people in the same way you've become important for me. Here's to one year!

1 pint vanilla ice cream
1/4 cup pistachios, shelled
1 tbsp fennel pollen

Crush the pistachios into small pieces by placing them in a ziploc bag and using a roller pin. In a large bowl, add pistachios, fennel pollen, and ice cream. With a stiff spoon or an ice cream paddle, work the ingredients into the ice cream. Return ice cream to carton and place back in freezer for at least one hour to harden up again. Sprinkle a little more fennel pollen on top before serving. Also, if you can't get hold of fennel pollen, some crushed fennel seed will do the job.

pistachio and fennel pollen ice cream


Ben Turner said...

Happy belated birthday 'six course dinner'!! And what a treat!! Great work my friend I love reading about all of these, and hoep to eat some of it soon. With all this good weather I can't image it will be long before another big dinner!!!

Angie said...

Wait, ice cream and pistachios (two of my favorites) and fennel pollen?? I had no idea about fennel pollen so I got to go back to your very first post and read all about it. You perfectly summed up what I'm feeling about the current state of the seasons. Can't wait for picnics and in the spring. Congrats on a year of blogging!

Red Prairie Press said...

happy birthday 6 Course Dinner!
many more happy spoonfuls, platefuls and forkfuls.
let's share a pint full soon.

P H I L said...

to everyone above, and everyone else: thank you! even though that probably only about 12 people regurlarly check this blog, i wouldn't have it any other way! you all are welcome at my table anytime!