World's Best Hot Chocolate

Two weeks ago, I spent an incredibly relaxing and snowy weekend in a cabin with good friends. Old Man Winter kept it cold outside, but the warmth by the fire was welcomed by all. After some wonderful food (thanks again, bone/davis), I prepared everyone some hot chocolate. Not the kind you can buy in small packets, but real hot chocolate. The kind with actual chocolate. I also added some cayenne pepper to enhance the flavor. While I believe I added a wee bit more cayenne than I should have, I have since corrected my formula to a tamer, and more pleasant concoction. 

The original recipe comes from the very great, and very Swiss, FX. He runs FXCuisine, which is a great source of inspiration. His writing, photos, and food have been the basis for some of my dishes. For the ease of the reader, I have converted his recipe for hot chocolate, with a few delicious tweaks. Directions can read on his page. Enjoy. This makes 8 large, or 16 regular servings.

12 oz. sugar
8 oz. cocoa powder
32oz. 60% cocoa chocolate chips
16 cups water

To which you should also add: 1/2 - 3/4 tsp of cayenne pepper.
And if it is really cold outside, a healthy splash or whiskey/whisky or brandy never hurt either.


Red Prairie Press said...

did I tell you Vanessa made us home made kuluah recently? these two things combined would blow minds.

P H I L said...

sign me up!

Anonymous said...

Cocoa powder is hard to come by in Ireland. Is there any way to make this with only chocolate?

P H I L said...

D Marra: it is pretty important to this recipe as it combines so well with the hot water. i imagine that it might be possible though. give it a shot and let me know your results!