Home Cured Duck Prosciutto

home cured duck prosciutto

I swear that piles of meat will not become a trend on this site. But I just have to show you this one. What you see above is the result of about six minutes of actual work and two weeks of very impatient waiting. Curing your own duck prosciutto is so easy, it is amazing that any one would even dream of going to a fancy shop to pay through the nose for this stuff.

So how does it work? Basically, you bury a duck breast in kosher salt. I mean, you really bury it. A half an inch of salt on all sides would be the minimum to use. Feel free to add some other flavors to the salt. In this case, I added some juniper berries, allspice berries, bay leaf, crushed red pepper, and black pepper. By covering the duck in salt, you are pulling a lot of moisture out of the meat and adding flavoring as well. This salty environment is not the kind of place that harmful bacteria would be likely to find a safe haven, which is a good thing considering this never gets cooked.

home cured duck prosciutto

After 24-48 hours in the salt (which you have been keeping in your fridge, right?) start digging to extract the meat from it's snowy nest. Rinse off the salt briefly under water and dry throughly. Next, you wrap it in cheese cloth and hang it in your refrigerator for two weeks. It is very important that there is some space around the duck as it hangs. The dry and cool air further dries out the meat which does help for preservation, also gives the meat a wonderful texture. 

Try making it once. Seriously.