Truffles, originally uploaded by six course dinner.

A friend moved away last week and I promised to make some truffles as a going away gift. It was warm out when I made them and the heat combined with chocolate's relatively low melting point in such a way as to define their somewhat 'unique' shapes. Upon their completion, I decided that until someone sponsors me for central air conditioning, truffles shall remain cool weather food.

Regardless of temperature, truffles are actually very easy to make. And once you've made them a few times you can really explore different flavorings. These ones are, from front to back:

Peanut Butter Cayenne
and, Mystery....

The 'Mystery' truffles aren't exactly the stuff of Sherlock Holmes. I wanted to identify what kinds of truffles they all were, but leave the last one a surprise. What was the surprise? A whole, fresh blueberry wrapped in the ganache. A nice and juicy surprise!

The recipe I used was from the great Alton Brown, which can be found here.


Anonymous said...

I thought Mystery might be along the lines of Mystery DumDums, all the flavors mixed together at the end of the night. Blueberry is good too...

Kim Bost said...


Anonymous said...

Wow...I go looney over truffles...(mostly because they're so easy to whip up,especially for lazy-asses like me).
Rosemary and blueberry sounds so exciting!