The Reddest Prairie of All...

When I started this little blog, I decided it would focus on food. Especially on the cooking of food. But specifically, the direct relationship of cooking and then completely devouring said food.

But, I would like to take a moment for a quick plug that can help everyone. I'm not in advertising or have any background in marketing, but here's my pitch. Don't laugh. I actually thought hard about it. Ready? Okay. Here I go:

People like to eat and go out to eat. They like to go to restaurants. Most restaurants have a "No Shirt? No Shoes? No Service." policy.

Red Prairie Press, run by the ridiculously awesome Rachel Bone, will gladly help you out with the "No Shirt" part. Which means, buying awesome apparel from her can actually help get you into that exclusive restaurant. So swing by her website before you swing by the restaurant and you won't be turned away!

...unless you have no shoes.