An Actual Six Course Dinner!

I've finally lived up to the title. I shopped for, cleaned the apartment for, prepped for, cooked for, and served for a few great firends this past Sunday. Usually my dinner parties are either four or five courses, but hey, this blog isn't titled SIX COURSE DINNER just because it sounds good! So I'm raising the bar for myself. And I think I will keep it there. Unless outside forces conspire against me (farmers market shuts down, meteors, third Bush presidency, etc.) I'm gonna shoot to keep the course number at six.

Because of my apartment's, well, let's just say climate control issues, I can only usually do this type of thing in the spring and fall. I'm hoping to maybe get another one in before summer's long days have a chance to destroy all will desire to even go near an oven. Enough chit chat, here's the menu:

I - Lemon Baked Mozzarella and Mushroom Crostini

II - Red Pepper and Yogurt Soup with Grapes and Horseradish

III - Artichoke and Potato with Gruyere, Vanilla, and Alleppo Pepper

IV - Pea and Chervil Mousse

V - Trout with Mustard Manchego Bechamel, Risotto Cakes, Apple, and Watercress

VI - Grilled Chocolate Brioche with Sesame Cream

Judging by the very clean plates (before they were even anywhere near the sink) I think I did well. The Artichoke and Potato was probably the hit, which I am very pleased about. I think it was my favorite as well. Recipes will all be up shortly. And thanks to my guests for bring great wine, big smiles, and empty bellies. You are awesome.


Anonymous said...

no you're awesome. thanks again -- and let's see some recipes.